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Moogly CAL 2018 – Afghan Block #1 + MORE

If you’ve been knitting your custom-fitted gloves along with us, you have your fingers and thumb joined and it’s really starting to look and fit like a glove…

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Journey of a Project – the first cut
Some projects are instantaneous, you have an idea and virtually storm into the house, pushing animals and small children aside to get to your yarn stash…

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Moogly CAL 2018 – Afghan Block #1

I’m so happy you’ve decided to join in the 2018 Moogly Crochet Along! I’ve been absolutely thrilled to have led this CAL for the last few years, and I think it keeps getting better and better…

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Crochet Skinny Scalloped Scarf


You won’t believe how simple this scarf is to make, yet it will look like you bought it from a boutique! Let Bernat POP! yarn do all the color work! This beautiful variegated yarn comes in many colors and adds such a nice dimension to this project…

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Crochet Pattern of the Day: Butterfly Wings Scarf

TweetJust in time for Friday, the Butterfly Wings Scarf is a quick and easy crochet scarf pattern to work up this weekend. Choose your two favorite colors of worsted weight yarn and get to work! Just one skein of each color is needed to work up this classic crochet scarf pattern. If you like this cr.... More »

Dutch Label Shop Custom Woven Labels + MORE

I am loving my new custom logo woven labels from the Dutch Label Shop!! It’s the perfect finishing touch for all my crochet pieces. The Dutch Label Shop has a ton of different label options but my Repeat Crafter Me logo just happened to fit perfectly on their standard no-fold label. Yay! This.... More »
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Quick Cricut Craft: DIY Shamrock Crochet T-Shirt + MORE

No one knows exactly when or where crochet began – though there are plenty of theories! One thing is for sure: Irish crochet saved many lives in the mid-1800s – possibly including a few of my own ancestors. Additionally, St. Patrick’s Day has become quite an event for our fam.... More »

Crochet Plush Owl + MORE

Got a little bit of Bernat Blanket yarn sitting around your house?! With just a small amount of this soft, fluffy, and bulky yarn, you can make a cute little crochet plush owl! I almost didn’t post this because I’m not completely happy with how it turned out but Zoe loved the owl so muc.... More »

19 Jaw Dropping Crochet Afghans

TweetSometimes different crochet afghans start to seem not all that different anymore. Colors and patterns begin to blend together after looking at them for too long. If you’re in need of something to inspire you to pick up your hooks again, check out some of these 19 Jaw Dropping Crochet Afgh.... More »

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