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Craft in the Garden

Craft in the Garden


Craft in the Garden
Very occasionally I get interviewed by a magazine or a website and they ask me what other hobbies I have…

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Minnie Mouse Crochet Pumpkin

The Mickey Mouse Pumpkin now has Minnie Mouse Pumpkin by his side! Crocheting these quick embellishments is such an easy way to decorate plain black craft pumpkins! Materials: – Black Craft Pumpkin purchased at Michaels Craft Store. – Bernat Super Value Yarn in Peony Pink and Black. Sho.... More »

Crochet Pattern: Bette the Piglet amigurumi

If you’re a long-time reader of Underground Crafter, today’s pattern for Bette the Piglet may look mighty familiar. You may recognize this amigurumi pig as the favicon you see on top of the menu bar. (She also used to be my Ravelry avatar.) This is a simple amigurumi project made with on.... More »
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Stylecraft Blogtour 2017 – Maple Shrug + MORE

This has definitely been the year of the Granny Square for me. I have loved finding new ways to use this crafty classic and make a whole range of objects and accessories. You might think that having one theme for my book might feel restricting. In reality it tends to free my imagination and curiosi.... More »

Book review: Box Stitch Crochet by Corinne Freeman!

You’ve seen box stitch crochet online, even if you don’t think so, When you have, it’s been called ‘c2c’ or corner-to-corner. A lot of crocheters use it to create beautiful pictures in their work, often when crocheting blankets. Corinne Freeman is taking this stitch to .... More »
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Stylecraft – Eastern Jewels – Persian Tiles Blanket

New colour, new yarn When I went to visit Stylecraft yarns with my fellow blogstars in the early summer we looked through a wealth of exciting new yarns, brand new trends and patterns and were able to spot some new collaborations. One of the joys of our blogstar days is having the chance to chat and.... More »

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