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Circular knitting needle organisation: my hot tips + MORE

Do You Know Where Your Yarn Comes From?


I’m excited to share a guest post by Andrea Hungerford from By Hand Serial today…

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Circular knitting needle organisation: my hot tipsThis year, I’m going to try and weave my podcasts and blog posts together so that it all hangs together better…

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My Favorite 2017 Lion Brand Crochet Patterns

As I plan projects and posts for 2018, I wanted to take a moment to look back at 2017 – and my favorite crochet patterns for the year…

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Knitting Pattern: Sick of Winter Washcloth by A Simple Homestead + MORE

I’m sharing a guest post today by Carmen Nuland from A Simple Homestead. Carmen has been an online friend for several years and she is a very talented knitter. Her pattern for the Sick of Winter Washcloth is just what you need to brighten your day and exfoliate your skin as we get through the .... More »

Make it for me: Colour Block crochet slippers

It’s now 2 years in a row that I create a quick & easy slipper pattern. Who would have thought? While you can make these slippers in just one colour, I think they are a lot more fun with a contrasting colour for the heel & top! You do you, though! Julie   <script src=”.... More »

Dutch Label Shop Custom Woven Labels + MORE

I am loving my new custom logo woven labels from the Dutch Label Shop!! It’s the perfect finishing touch for all my crochet pieces. The Dutch Label Shop has a ton of different label options but my Repeat Crafter Me logo just happened to fit perfectly on their standard no-fold label. Yay! This.... More »

Crochet Pattern: Basket of Posies Clutch by BellaTuBoheme

I’m excited to share another guest post by Felicity from BellaTuBoheme! The Basket of Posies Clutch is a two-toned basketweave clutch adorned with crocheted flower appliques. It’s a great way to show off your handmade style when you’re out, and Felicity even included several ideas .... More »

Crochet Pattern: Fire and Ice Shawl (Make It For Me 2018) + MORE

I’m so excited to share a crochet pattern for a simple, triangular shawl that is transformed into something spectacular with a self-striping, metallic yarn! I named it the Fire and Ice Shawl because of the yarn colors but also because it’s a bold, yet versatile accessory that you can wea.... More »

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